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If you missed our Molded Gingerbread demonstration and Vintage Garment display at the Joseph Turner House Museum on Saturday, you missed a great afternoon! The smells of baking gingerbread from our authentic colonial fireplace filled our 263-year-old home with a wonderful aroma! A big thank you to Domestic Historians Arlene Soong and Bev Altrath for a fine open hearth gingerbread baking demonstration and the historical background discussions of baking techniques. The showing of our antique garments in the formal Parlor is always well received. We also want to send out a special thank you to the Country Garden Shed for their very generous donation of exterior fall decor again this year! Best wishes to all our patrons for a very Happy Thanksgiving!

UFH gingerbread 1.jpg
UFH gingerbread 4.jpg
UFH gingerbread 10.jpg
UFH gingerbread 5.jpg
UFH gingerbread 3.jpg
UFH gingerbread 7.jpg
UFH gingerbread 6.jpg
UFH gingerbread 2.jpg
UFH gingerbread 8.jpg
UFH gingerbread 9.jpg
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